We will always protect your furniture, floors, counters and all areas of your home or business. We take time to ensure everything is covered and protected before we begin working on your painting project. ​​We take pride in our work. We make sure the prep work is done even down to the smallest details before any application of paint is done. The prep work includes sanding, scraping, patching, caulking, priming and puttying where needed. For exterior work, we will make sure to pressure wash with bleach before we start our prep work.​

You will have direct access to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives who will coordinate with you throughout your project. A project manager will guide you through the process from the time the job is started to the time we are ready for a final walkthrough. You will always have a professional foreman and a team of professional painters for each project you sign on for.

exterior painting

Exterior Painting

Even if you have owned your home for years, there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to refresh and protect your home. We say protect because with time the sealing of the wood can be penetrated by water making the wood to rot. Not only for nice looks, the exterior of your home should be protected at all times.

Interior painting service by jmr painting

Interior Painting

Color can dramatically alter any space in your home. Light colors give the room a fresh, clean, wide and bright atmosphere. Dark and strong colors can give a an intense effect creating a more intimate and cozy atmosphere. Color in the home cannot be changed as often as we change our shoes or clothing, because of this, color decision for interior painting is extremely important. We will ensure than the choice of color suits your lifestyle, and your personal needs.

Pressure washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the best way to maintain your biggest investment, your home!

Floor & Cabinet refinishing

Floor & Cabinet Refinishing

Give new life to the floors and cabinets in your house!

Drywall and trim installation

Drywall & Trim Installation

The finish and smoothness of the interior paint is going to look as good as the drywall underneath it. We will do a smooth finish for a perfect fresh look in your home.

Gutters installation

Gutter Installation

We offer aluminum seamless gutters for your home. They never rust or rot, every gutter is custom made for your satisfaction. We offer different colors and sizes for a nice fresh look in you home.

About our company

Our job isn´t just about painting, any company can do that, and promise you good results.
More than just painting, what we really like is make our clients happy when they see their repaired wall, when they notice a wider and illuminated room, after applying the appropriate color to the walls, or when the exterior of your house looks as newly constructed, these are some cases of our clients and the result have been excellent.
How can this be? What is the process to hire a painting company to come up with excellent results in any pending project in your home? Well, it´s easy. It all begins with:
  • 1. Request for a free estimate 

    by calling or sending an email, you decide which of the two is convenient for you. In either case, our company JMR Painting has a friendly work team that will be attentive to every call or email from our customers and responds quickly and efficiently.

  • 2. Request a visit to your house or office where the repair or painting job will be done

    Our workgroup will schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to meet you, go around the house to identify where it needs to be repaired, painted or washed. The required measurements will be taken so we can make an estimate the most accurate as possible with a fair price including labor, paint or other necessary materials.

  • 3. Time to do the job

    If you decide that you want our company, JMR Painting, to take on the job, a team with a ton of experience will be assigned to fulfill the job previously described in the estimate sent to you. If there´s any doubt about what is going to be worked on, you can talk directly to the foreman, as, team manager and direct contact with the administrative team. If you want, you can call our office as well. Clear communication with our customers is key to our work done wisely.

  • 4. Time to check out the job

    Once the interior or exterior painting, drywall installation or repair, gutters installation, pressure washing or other job has been completed, the team manager will walk the house with you, so you can give us your approval on everything done or ask questions or make comments regarding the results.

    One of the benefits of hiring our company JMR Painting, unlike many other paint companies, is that you will not pay anything in advance. That´s right! NOTHING! JMR Painting will take care of everything that is spent on materials and paints for the job, and only when it´s finished and approved you will pay the full agreed in the estimate previously sent.

  • 5. Testimonies

    Several people recommend us as a reliable, punctual, that offers a great experience to the user, and they would like to hire us again. If you want, you can read some comments from our customers in the testimonies page.


The importance of details on each project:

Houses are not alike in their exterior or interior, the materials they have been built with are not the same, nor the damage or condition in which they are. There are several variations that we have to take into account in order to choose the best paint for your deck, for example, to resist the weather or transit; or may be when we understand the fascia or soffit, do not need a new coat of paint but an extreme change due to their actual condition.

You have other benefits when hiring us for an interior or exterior painting job in your house or office:

  • We use only the best quality paint. We are partners of Sherwin Williams. We managed to get up to 40% off in paints for our customers.

  • We take great care of your belongings and furniture, in case we are not working in an empty space, we will move what can be moved and cover everything that should be covered, in order to make a clean job. If an accident takes place in which your floor or other surface was affected, we take responsibility for cleaning.
  • Each of our employees is assured.
  • We offer warranty on our work.

Affordable prices

No money up front

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5 Year warranty

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Our Partnership

Because of our great relationship with Sherwin Williams, we are able to provide you with high quality materials and paints at a discounted price. We can pass on to you up to 40% savings on all primer, paint and stains.
With Sherwin William’s high quality paints paired with our expertise, you can be sure to achieve beautiful results.

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