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We will ensure that the choice of color suits your lifestyle, and your personal needs. Our professional painters have enough experience to make an outstanding paint job in your home with high quality paints. Let the specialists take care of your interior paint needs.

Why paint your house?

  • Home paint is the most inexpensive to increase the value of your house.

  • Color can dramatically transform the appearance of your home. The possibilities of color are almost limitless! Either traditional or modern homes can be transformed through the use of color. Pale, calm and relaxed colors will refresh a room, while passionate and strong colors will make a room warm creating a more intimate feeling.

  • With Sherwin Williams High quality paints and our top quality work you will have long lasting finish, which will not only protect the surfaces of your house, but also achieve an elegant, modern and beautiful finish.

  • Interior color cannot be changed as often as you change your clothing, make a color decision is very important! There is nothing like a new paint job to refresh a tired room. When done professionally you can enjoy the power of color into your home!

  • Paint job with low VOC's can help the air quality of your house.

  • Inside painting can also help reduce the electrical bill, because it prevents any air leaks by sealing any gaps with high quality caulk.
professional interior painters

Professional interior painters

All the interior of this home was painted. The interior body of the house was painted with a cream warm color. We painted the ceilings a bright white and a white semi-gloss trim. This warm color with a flat paint makes the room clean and spacious. It helps the layout of the house since everything is open and is relatively small space. The only accent was the fireplace wall (not in picture) it was painted a dark gray color that really made the stone in the fireplace pop and tied the ambiance of the room together.

interior home renovation

Home renovation

This house was completely renovated. All the interior was painted with a flat white that makes the place look very big and spacious. We installed 1x1s on the wall painted with a semi-gloss white which gave the house a lot of character. This home had relatively low ceilings and painting it with an also flat white make the place look beautiful and with lots of space!

interior house painting

Interior house painting

All the interior of this home was painted. In the dining room we applied a coffered ceiling with a dark green and white trim. This contrast makes the trim stand out and is good when you have very spacious rooms to make them look cozier and warmer. The walls have a warm neutral color that gives the room a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Ready to enjoy a nice dinner with your loved ones!

interior basement accent paint

Basement accent paint

The basement of this home was painted with a light flat gray that makes the space look brighter and refreshed. However when we have a room with only one color can become a little boring and dull. We painted an accent wall was painted with a neutral earthy color that gave a lot of character and made the stone stand out, this combination of color tied the whole place together. Ready for a special night of games and fun with your friends and family!

interior home finishes

Interior home finishes

All the interior of this home was painted with a flat creamy gray color for the walls and ceilings. We painted the trim with a semi-gloss off white. We changed the banister from a stain brown mustard color to an elegant satin black paint. We completely sanded the wood to take the polyurethane off, we primed it with an oil base primer and applied an oil base black satin paint, to make sure the color and paint lasts for a long time, since is a heavy traffic area of the home. The contrast of colors looks beautiful and very elegant!

interior paint for steps

Interior paint for steps

All the interior of this home was renovated. We painted all the risers, steps, banister and spindles from scratch. Everything had to be completely prepped with putty, caulk, sanding and priming before applying any paint. The customer wanted a dramatic contrast with the black and white and it worked beautifully!